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February 12, 2024

Our Charitable Organization Needs Your Help

Our Charity Organization has one goal – to prepare, equip, and provide evolving support to “families” caregiving for loved ones diagnosed with the progressive and debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia touched your life? Or maybe the life of a valued friend? If it has, you may know the challenge faced by caregivers. Alzheimer’s Caregiving & The Caregivers is a charity organization designed with one purpose – to provide support, community and resources for Caregivers.

As the caregiver of a loved one with Alzheimer’s or related Dementias you take on an incredibly demanding and emotionally challenging job. This neurodegenerative disease impacts behavior, memory and cognitive abilities. As it progresses these challenges grow.

Because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease caregivers must be emotionally prepared to watch their loved one disappear cognitively and emotionally. Caregivers are watching someone who matters to them disappear while they are standing right in front of them. There is grieving, sadness and a sense of helplessness. At the same time with every progression the caregiver is required to increase their level of care and adapt to changing conditions as their loved one’s cognitive and physical abilities decline.

Diminishing Brain
Alzheimer's & Dementia patients begin to diminish cognitively

Caregiving for an Alzheimer’s patient is a heroic undertaking and our Charitable Organization is taking a stand to support that

There are various stages in the progression of this disease…ultimately ending up in 24/7 caregiving responsibilities. This often means assisting with bathing, toileting, dressing and constant supervision to prevent accidents or wandering. There is also a likelihood of home modifications to ease the caregivers burden, but also to respect the dignity and personhood of a loved one.


The caregivers often find themselves living lives in isolation. This commitment is not unlike the commitment to a baby who is incapable of surviving on their own. The difference of course is this person was a life partner, mother, father or sibling. The toll on a caregiver emotionally and physically is often measureable. Social life disappears unless you have support, which leads to loneliness. Isolation. The stress, lack of sleep, lack of predictability, physical strain of assisting with mobility can all lead to a myriad of health problems. There are often very challenging behaviors to manage; aggression and agitation can be daily occurrences. 


With all the challenges a caregiver faces it’s not hard to imagine that they often begin to neglect their own needs. This may lead to burn out or emotional and physical exhaustion.

Lonely Caregiver
Caregivers often become isolated and lonely

Alzheimer’s Caregiving & The Caregivers is for The Caregivers

In this new digital space caregivers will find a strong support system, community and other caregivers to share with and befriend. We strive to create a space of belonging. This non-profit was born of the experience of one family who has faced this. They discovered that the internet is filled with an overwhelming number of websites, links, backlinks, articles, groups……but how do you sift through that to find what you need when you need it.

Reaching Out
Help Us Help Them

How do you navigate a tidal wave of google search results when you started with one question?

Our website is designed to be that one landing spot; a space for caregivers to share their resources, find much needed help and share stories that might make a difference to the next person who clicks. We provide a carefully curated list of resources from podcasts, to clothing designed for Alzheimer’s patients, to books and tools that will engage the loved one. This list is a growing resource that our members can add to and learn from.


It is our job to provide a supportive space for Caregivers, and this will only be possible through the goodwill and generosity of our supporters. Alzheimer’s Caregiving & The Caregivers is recognized as a tax exempt, public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Will you join us?


We know how much transparency matters. We value that and commit to always be open and transparent about our work in creating a community designed to support Alzheimer’s Caregivers. We will earn your trust, keep it, and maintain our accountability.

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