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Your routines are going to change. Sometimes you’ll wish you could turn back time, but instead you keep plowing forward. This curated resource list, focuses two sections on Caregiving and two sections on the Caregivers.  We hope this may help you find a new cadence to life.


  • Tips, Tools, Techniques that may help you manage caregiving for your loved one.
  • Products, available for various stages of Alzheimer’s progression, that may engage, stimulate and amuse your loved one.


  • Resources to educate, inform, update you about Alzheimer’s and related forms of Dementia. (Alzheimer’s Association- National and State, AARP, Medical Institutions, Scientific Organizations, etc.)
  • Sources that provide Caregivers with hope, comfort, support (podcasts, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, Instagram communities, Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline, etc.)


Your loved one’s life and your caregiving activities will present challenges for you every day. Check out this list of products to keep on hand.

Each time you see your loved one smile, laugh and engage, it will fill your heart with joy. There is a plethora of products designed specifically for people suffering with Alzheimer’s/Dementia related challenges, through the various stages of progression.

This list of resources includes leading scientific, medical, behavioral and educational organizations.. This section will continue to evolve as new research, information and articles become available. (Alzheimer’s Association provides information on global efforts and access to each of its State organizations and their respective resources.)

We have provided a source list of podcasts, videos, online groups that we have turned to and found helpful. When you are faced with a frustrating challenge or maybe when you just need to feel supported and not alone, we invite you to check out these sources and communities. (Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline 800.272.3900 is a positive source)

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